Here's what people are saying...

'...amazing footage and content, my only wish is that the second part of water time offers a solution to sanity, you constantly test my thoughts on what the hell is really going on with life, so thanks a lot.'
Gray W

'It's a sensory treat, with the images, effects, music and dialogue. The production quality is absolutely great.'
Larry F

'...just treat it like the masterpiece it is and keep painting. you're a giftedartist. if you get to starving, i'll share my baloney sandwich with you.'

Mike F

'I was both delighted and horrified by what I saw. I can't really explain that any further.'
Troy M

'After both viewings I yearned to see more... a high caliber polish and consistency of production... the film captures the beauty and lighting that is a hallmark of your photography.'
Jeremy M

'Awesome and possibly ground breaking work.'

'(the mix of ) Orwell, doublethink and chris matthews is brilliant.'
Bob M

'Just wanted to say I saw your Water Time and wanted you spoke to my soul.'