water time

Water Time: The First Seven Minutes

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"Allan Weisbecker has crafted a film that is at once a searing indictment of government lies and an inducement to accept a shattering of your current world-view."

David Mickey Evans,
Writer/Director (Radio Flyer, The Sandlot, etc.)

"The masterpiece of an eccentric genius in search of truth and the perfect wave."

James Fetzer, PhD (Render Unto Darwin, Philosophy of Science, Murder in Dealey Plaza. etc.)

"'A visual tour de force (that) defines the great lies of our generation.'"

Richard Stratton, Writer/Producer (Sundance winner)

"Watching Weisbecker’s interaction with his interviewees is just priceless! I love it."

Sean Stone (Buzzsaw)


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Respected Film Critic on Water Time

Not quite a celebrity endorsement...

'I encourage you to stay [in Central America] until something that resembles death.'

Sean Penn to Weisbecker
in their final communication

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